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Maitre D France


Maitre D goes above and beyond the need for a house wine for any restaurant, bar or pub. Similarly, its impactful design including the 'big D' allows it to stand out amongst other wines on any shop shelf.


Cuvée Spéciale Maître D Medium Dry White Wine

WINE MAKERS NOTES: The mix of sweetness and freshness gives a perfect balance to this wine which displays delightful aromas of tropical fruit.
French Table Wine
SERVING: Enjoy with Asian and Oriental spicy cuisine. 6 – 8°C
11% Vol


Cuvée Spéciale Maître D Dry White Wine

WINE MAKERS NOTES: Vibrant and fruity, this wine has a delicate bouquet of citrus fruits and mango. Freshness and roundness gives the wine its character.
French Table Wine
SERVING: Enjoy this crisp, refreshing style on its own or with salads, seafood and cream sauces. 8 – 12°C
11% Vol


Cuvée Spéciale Maître D Red Wine

WINE MAKERS NOTES: Round and fruity with mellow tannins, this wine offers aromas of blackcurrant and cherries.
French Table Wine
SERVING: Perfect accompaniment to grilled meats and curries. 12 – 14°C
12% Vol


Cuvée Spéciale Maître D Rose Wine

WINE MAKERS NOTES: Refreshing wine with redcurrant and raspberry aromas.
French Table Wine
SERVING: A perfectly balanced fruity wine to be enjoyed as an aperitif, with salads and grilled meats. 8 – 12°C
12% Vol