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Roos Estate Chenin Blanc

Tasting Notes:  Our Chenin Blanc is a pale lemon colour in glass, it is crisp and vibrant on the palate with delicate citrus fruit flavours.

Serving: Serve chilled from 9-11°C and enjoy it with salads, poultry, lightly spiced dishes or on its own.

Region: Western Cape

Grape: Chenin

ABV: 14%

Order Code: 491

Roos Estate Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting Notes:  Our Sauvignon Blanc is a pale straw colour in glass; it is a refreshing wine with light gooseberry and grapefruit flavours, an elegant wine with good length on the palate. .

Serving: Serve chilled from 9-11°C and enjoy it as a great accompaniment to seafood, salads, pasta dishes, poultry or in its own.

Region: Western Cape

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc

ABV: 12.5%

Order Code: 511



Roos Estate Pinotage

Tasting Notes:  Our deep ruby red Pinotage is a hearty wine with excellent depth of character. Abundant red berry fruits are mellowed by warm plum flavours on the palate.

Serving:  Serve at ambient temperature and enjoy it with strongly flavoured meat dishes, game cheeses or on its own.

Region: Western Cape

Grape: Pinotage

ABV: 13%

Order Code: 512

Roos Estate Shiraz

Tasting Notes:  Our Shiraz is a full bodied wine with robust flavours of peppery black cherry and blackberry fruits rounded with soft tannins. 

Serving: Serve at ambient temperature and enjoy it with roasted or grilled meats, pizza and pasta dishes, cheeses or on its own.

Grape: Shiraz

ABV: 13%

Order Code: 492



Roos Estate Merlot

Tasting Notes:  Blackcurrant and dark cherry fruit purity supported by a fine, graphite tannin structure showing depth and length.


Region: Western Cape

Grape: Merlot

ABV: 14%

Order Code: 514



False Bay Slow Chenin Blanc

Tasting Notes:  The long wild yeast ferment provides bready aromas. Dried herbaceous notes, including fennel and aniseed from the nearby Fynbos, dominate the nose, followed by a creamy lemon character.

Serving: A versatile wine equally well suited to partner lobster and other seafood, risotto or herb roast chicken. Can also handle spice very well.

Region:  Coastal region, South Africa

Grape: Chenin Blanc 100%

ABV: 13.5%

Order Code: 496

False Bay Windswept Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting Notes:  Fresh and zesty with grassy and dry bay leaf aromatics, Fynbos (which surrounds the vineyards), mineral notes, with hints of richness. The palate has lots of minerality and citrus with just a touch of green pepper and grass.

Serving: Perfect with a host of Mediterranean dishes, or with Chinese squid or Thai fish dishes.

Region:  Coastal region, South Africa

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc 100%

ABV: 13.5%

Order Code: 442


False Bay Bush Vine Pinotage

Tasting Notes:  Hints of spice and red fruits on the nose with clean bright, juicy strawberry compote and cream flavours as well as dry earthy notes on the palate.

Serving: Perfect with pork belly dish or barbecued meats, boerwurst, game or good, old fashioned sausage and mash.

Region:  Coastal region, South Africa

Grape: Pinotage 100%

ABV: 14%

Order Code: 438


Cape 312 Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes:  Ruby red in colour, round and soft on the palate with an intense and elegant fruit bouquet. Very well balanced wine with good weight and structure.

Serving: The perfect choice for roasts, grilled meat, game, salami or ripened cheese. Please serve at 16-18°c.

Region:  Western Cape, South Africa

Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

ABV: 13%

Order Code: 518