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St. Jacob Germany

TheSt. Jacob family has been producing top quality Liebfraumilch, Hock, Piesporter and Niersteiner for over two generations. The range is available in 75cl, 1 litre and 1.5 litre. The range benefits from competitive prices.



Piesporter Michelsberg

WINE MAKERS NOTES: A crisp medium white wine, with a subtle flowery bouquet and fresh fruity flavour.
The vineyards located close to the town of Piesport, in the central wine region around the Mosel in Germany.
SERVING: Drink on its own, or with chicken or fish dishes.
9% Vol


St_Jacob_Neirsteiner_291.jpgNiersteiner Gutes Domtal

WINE MAKERS NOTES: A medium light fruity wine with a flowery bouquet.
Originates from the wine region around the rural town of Nierstein in the Rheinhessen region of Germany.

SERVING: Serve well chilled as a perfect complement to salads, chicken and fish.

9.5% Vol




WINE MAKERS NOTES: A medium-sweet fruity white wine with a delicious bouquet.
Vineyards from the Rhineland area of Germany.
SERVING: Serve well chilled.
9.5% Vol