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Tasting Notes: A pleasant medium to sweet German white wine from the Rhone Valley, which is easy to drink and very refreshing.

Serving: An ideal accompaniment to most light dishes, especially suited to chicken or fish. Serve well chilled.

Region: Rhine, Germany


ABV: 9.5%

Order Code: 290

Piesporter Michelsberg

Tasting Notes: A medium to sweet fruity German wine with a flowery bouquet and refreshing palate from the Mosel Valley.

Serving: A crisp medium white wine, with a subtle flowery bouquet and fresh fruity flavour. Drink on its own, or with chicken or fish dishes.

Region: Rhine, Germany


ABV: 10%

Order Code: 292

Dr Zenzen 1636 Reisling

Tasting Notes: This Riesling is made in the classic Mosel style, a lovely balance between ripe fruit sweetness and zingy, racy, fresh acidity. A near perfect vintage.

Serving: Delicious on it’s own as an aperitif, but also an excellent match with Asian seafood dishes such as spicy squid or sweet and sour dishes, soft shell crabs and all manner of sushi.

Region: Mosel, Germany

Grape: Reisling

ABV: 11%

Order Code: 277